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Why are the beauty products of 2050’S called the 2050’S?
We shall analyze the breakdown of the numbers and view from the perspective of its true meaning. It so happens that 2+0+5+0 contains a basic complex number “2”, a prime number “5” and two magic numbers “0” which are neither a positive number nor a negative number. The sum of the four numbers also happens to be 7, which also means Lucky Seven, meaning that “2050’S” belongs to luckiness and those with good luck. Besides, as a matter of fact “2050’S” has two other meanings; firstly: the manufacturer’s ideology, the objective in producing this 2050’S brand is that it wishes every user of the product to have the complexion of a youngster of 20 years old even when the user has reached the age of 50. Therefore, the objective of “Age matter, with 2050’S, Age doesn’t matter”. Secondly, in view of the current trend towards the integration of Europe, due to differences in various cultures. It is only natural that a breakthrough in the language barrier simultaneously with the integration will be difficult to attain over the short term. Thus, what is the appropriate name for a brand in an integrated market where different languages are used, shall a German, French or English name be chosen as the appropriate name? We believe that readers appreciate that no matter whether an English, a French or German brand name is chosen, it will turn out to be a local brand name in the narrow sense. Only when an Arabic “number” which is generally used on a global basis is chosen can the cultural and language barriers be broken and it becomes a “superb brand” that is easily memorable and read. Hence this leads to the birth of “2050’S”.

Even without considering all the coincidence of the numbers in 2050’S, or its true meaning is whether the charm of the mystery behind the numbers is irresistible, it is estimated that the origin of the numbers’ mystery has a history of over 4,000 years. Long ago the ancient Greeks already believed that both the alphabet and number are sacred embodiments, and they were also signals from god to its people on earth. As early as during 520 B.C. to 580 B.C., Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and father of mathematicians, believed that numbers have spiritual meanings and can uncover the truth behind all things on earth. He invented a numerology encompassing both science and art to interpret the meaning of life with numbers. By applying the theory of Pythagoras to numbers that are closely related to us, such as a date of birth. By analyzing the breakdown and then interpret it, we can gain an understanding of the pros and cons of our born character, and the born character of everyone will automatically guide us to learn. In fact, the mystical numbers have always appeared and then gone from the fine details of human life again and again, including numbers, lexicon divination, astrology, the Twelve Signs of Chinese Zodiac, astronomy and even tarot which has been popular in recent years etc. The nine cultures of the world and their legends are all tied up with the “mystery of the mystical numbers”, including the geometric construction of the pyramids in Egypt. The decimal counting number system of the Maya culture, yoga and the theory of mathematics of India in the East are all related to “numbers”. “All things are numbers”, the beauty of mathematics is that its theory can explain all natural phenomena, conformity with nature orientate in accordance with the mandate of heaven, Age matter, with 2050’S, Age doesn’t matter.

[Remark: a whole number which is larger than 1 is called a “prime number” if it can only be divided wholly by “1” or “itself”.]

Chinese people are generally superstitious. They especially like something that represents "lucky" or "spiritual". From the Chinese viewpoint, "3"; "6"; and "8" are the lucky numbers since their pronunciation in Chinese is similar to the Chinese words of "Vital"; "Longevity"; and "Rich", respectively.
Then, what is the lucky number in the West?
In fact, this answer can easily been found in most of the casino. If people get a three or four straight "7" while playing the slot machines, that would be the luckiest day of their life.
So, what does 2050'S represent?
If you want to know the answer, all you need to do is to add up all four digits"2"+"0"+"5"+"0"=Lucky 7

2050'S-The Difference is in the number of Age