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Cell - Aging

Undoubtedly, our skin ages everyday, aging of the skin is an inevitable but natural phenomenon as the aging process begins. Your tissue thins because the collagen & elastin fibres break down while wrinkles are the result of excess facial muscle contraction over the years. Basically, recent clinical research result confirmed that actual biological skin aging is not only most dependent upon individual life style, the living environment and nutrition, but also internal care of the body which stimulate the production of free radicals in the body which will speed up the aging process of the skin. Basically, free radicals, an instable oxygen molecules, play an important role for the proper functioning of our immune system. However, the more the free radicals in your body, the more instable its substance resulting in molecular chaos consequently. These rogue molecules wreak havoc in the skin are damaging the cells & protein structures that make up the substance of the skin.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and bothered by the lines on your face and corners of your eyes ? The purpose of this catalogue is to let you know what to expect about your line reduction and/or disappearance after several 2050'S professional skincare treatment whatever your age, whatever your type of skin.

The beauty products of the 2050'S ranges are the result of intensive research in the cosmetic field of cell - aging and anti - aging. Basically, 2050'S professional skincare treatment is a safe, natural - look, non - surgical procedure, currently available, that is able to remove dynamic wrinkles or fine lines of the face, eyes and neck.


2050'S professional skincare treatment formulated with exclusive NATUROPATHIC ALGINATE FORMULA. Will give you a radiant, clear, younger look and help slow down the aging process. Therefore, 2050'S professional skincare treatment can produce result in the majority of patients that in their thirties to their fifties who want a more dramatic and long -lasting effect.